My Hand Made Fabric Box

 I like fabric so much since I was young, I’ve collect a lot of them before I’m selling fabric online.
However, I don’t know how to sew >_< …… then my best way to consume the fabric is to make it into something else which do not need any sewing skill.

This is mine 1st try Fabric box, by using some sweet and lovely imported fabric. The measurement is approximately 21cmX19.5cmX9cm

The lid can be open by pulling the linen lace, which decorated with some beads and brass color pendant key. I’ve filled several layer of felt inside the lid, so that it is more durable.

Light brown polka dot cotton fabric has used for interior.
and dark brown polka dot cotton fabric been fine finished at out look .
total fabric consumed is about 1 meter

Selling Price: RM65.00
(please email me at meiweihuang@gmail.com for reservation , thanks ^^)


  1. Hi,your box is so pretty!
    I love it!
    Very beautifull!

  2. I love it too! So neat and pretty. Is it a cardboard base inside? Is there a hinge?

  3. dear sonya rotella, thanks for leaving me a comments , great to heard a sounds from over sea ^^

  4. dear aneesah, thanks dear, are u malaysian?? coz i saw ur picture i ur blog.

    yes i done this fabric box with card board, to made sure it strong, i made it in few layer of card board. there are no hinge on inner box, but if some one request it, i will made it ^^

  5. something we couldn't find offline..so sweet..so creative too...

  6. first time I see your blog , make me impressive d!!! cool gal!!! L.O.V.E ><" I always like to make things by myself d!!! hope have time I can show u !!! heeh**

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  8. !!! WOW !!! How did U do that ??? It's fabulous! Moreover, I love those colors :) Feel invited to my blog :) http://marta-mojepasje.blogspot.com

  9. Very nice dear! Let me know if you want to list it in any market place, I can list it for you. :)

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