A Valentine Doll House For Her love~

This is a doll house that similar to Hebbe doll house, but this present in vintage style.

An order from a teacher Jaodee, who are living very near my house ^^
she know me through face book : P
This is a valentine present that she will present her hubby.
I hope both of them will like this ^^

doll house measurement 24cmX21cm height

a couple of sweet doll. before place the table, i shoot some close up for them ^^

some detail for the food, i use almost all Luna clay to finished this.

A Ferrero Rocher hand bouquet.

I like this green side cabinet so much,match with the brown roses wall paper the effect is so vintage^^

 (u can get this Brown Roses linen fabric here)

Side corner for place their wedding picture.


  1. is great meimei!wan ask arr....y my clay dolls always stick with the dust and look dirty huh??y ur 1 look so clean =(..any tips?? by cindi

  2. dear kimberlly,
    谢谢 ^^

    dear cindi,
    OK this is a good question, y ur clay doll look dirty.
    Before u start to roll the clay, u must wash ur hand proper,clean ur table that u will roll ur clay there.Try to finish it at one time,so the color of the clay will actual same.
    this is a small tips that i used, u should try it ^^

  3. hi... i love your work.. so detailed and so beautiful, like a fairytale :-D. I think this set makes a very memorable and precious wedding gift. keep up the good work :-D

  4. 哇,很可爱很可爱涅。。。。

  5. hi do u accept orders?


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