A Valentine Doll House For Her love~

This is a doll house that similar to Hebbe doll house, but this present in vintage style.

An order from a teacher Jaodee, who are living very near my house ^^
she know me through face book : P
This is a valentine present that she will present her hubby.
I hope both of them will like this ^^

doll house measurement 24cmX21cm height

a couple of sweet doll. before place the table, i shoot some close up for them ^^

some detail for the food, i use almost all Luna clay to finished this.

A Ferrero Rocher hand bouquet.

I like this green side cabinet so much,match with the brown roses wall paper the effect is so vintage^^

 (u can get this Brown Roses linen fabric here)

Side corner for place their wedding picture.

Hebbe Birthday Doll house

This is a Doll house been finished almost 3 month. 
Is a gift to Hebbe 21st birthday present.
measurement is 21cmX23cm wide .
The roses at the top of the doll house is made from taiwan resin clay.


this is a cream type clay that i bought from mia, u can get to try, is more easy that we no need to mixed water in to the clay.

Hebbe family picture have been resize in the doll house.

A couple of doll is made by Luna clay.

A chocolate for her....

some chocolate .also made from Luna clay, i use buttons, knife, to print out the pattern.
here, mini chocolate.cover with plastic cover, add a little label, become a box of chocolate^^

A little bear bear, add in a box, like we just purchase from a shop.^^

the measurement of the box.