My Lovely Customizes Stamping Will Arrived Soon ^^

Start from today, i will try to write my blog with my lousy english= ='''
I hope that one day i will get improve on english writing.
Any one please pointing if i have any grammar mistaken >_<

i'm looking for nice label for long time, till i know Gianni,i call up to her to done this very unique stamping for my self,the result is very satisfied,i love it so much , thanks gianni....^^

Any one who like to customizes ur own creation, please feel free to visit http://gigi-planet.blogspot.com/,
i'm sure u will get ur lovely hand curve stamping ^^


  1. Since you are using english, I will reply in English too. :P
    You carved the stamp yourself? :O
    It's really nice!

  2. jallen,
    no la, not curve by me, is gianni , u can see her link on top, she is very talented on curving .

  3. wah~this is vry nice~!!
    giani geng!!!hahaha